Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
openvrml::appearance_nodeAbstract base class for appearance nodes
openvrml::axis_aligned_bounding_boxAn axis-aligned bounding box
openvrml::background_nodeAbstract base class for background nodes
openvrml::bad_media_typeThrown when an unexpected media type is received
openvrml::bad_urlThrown when there is a problem resolving a URI
openvrml::bounded_volume_nodeAbstract base class for nodes that represent a bounded volume in the scene graph
openvrml::bounding_sphereA bounding sphere
openvrml::bounding_volumeA bounding volume
openvrml::browserEncapsulates a VRML browser
openvrml::browser_eventA browser-wide event
openvrml::browser_listenerThis class should be inherited by classes that want to listen for browser_events
openvrml::child_nodeAbstract base class for child nodes
openvrml::colorA POD-struct comprising a color
openvrml::color_nodeAbstract base class for color nodes
openvrml::color_rgbaA POD-struct comprising a color with an alpha channel
openvrml::color_rgba_nodeAbstract base class for RGBA color nodes
openvrml::color_rgba_parserThe implementation of the openvrml::color_rgba_p functor parser
openvrml::coordinate_nodeAbstract base class for coordinate nodes
openvrml::event_emitterAbstract base class of event emitters
openvrml::event_listenerAbstract base class of event listeners
openvrml::exposedfield< FieldValue >Class template to simplify implementation of exposedFields
openvrml::field_valueAbstract base class for the VRML field types
openvrml::field_value::field_value::counted_impl< ValueType >Concrete reference-counted implementation
openvrml::field_value::field_value::counted_impl_baseBase class for the internal reference-counted objects
openvrml::field_value::field_value::value_type_constructor_tagThis struct exists only to disambiguate field_value's constructor template from its copy constructor
openvrml::field_value_emitter< FieldValue >Concrete event emitter template
openvrml::field_value_listener< FieldValue >Concrete event listener template
openvrml::field_value_type_mismatchThrown when field value types do not match, generally in a ROUTE or IS
openvrml::FieldValueConcept< T >Concept checking class to validate that a template parameter is a model of the Field Value concept
openvrml::font_style_nodeAbstract base class for font style nodes
openvrml::frustumA view frustum
openvrml::geometry_nodeAbstract base class for geometry nodes
openvrml::gl::viewerAbstract class for display of VRML models using OpenGL/Mesa
openvrml::gl::viewer::viewer::event_infoInput event
openvrml::gl::viewer::viewer::light_infoLight information
openvrml::gl::viewer::viewer::modelview_matrix_stackEncapsulates an extended modelview matrix stack
openvrml::grouping_nodeAbstract base class for grouping nodes
openvrml::imagePixmap data
openvrml::invalid_urlThrown when parsing a URI fails
openvrml::invalid_vrmlException thrown when the parser fails due to errors in the VRML input
openvrml::light_nodeAbstract base class for light nodes
openvrml::mat4fA POD-struct comprising a 4x4 matrix
openvrml::material_nodeAbstract base class for material nodes
openvrml::mfboolA bool array node field value
openvrml::mfcolorA color array node field value
openvrml::mfcolorrgbaA color_rgba array node field value
openvrml::mfdoubleA double array node field value
openvrml::mffloatA float array node field value
openvrml::mfimageA image array node field value
openvrml::mfint32An integer array node field value
openvrml::mfnodeA node reference array node field value
openvrml::mfrotationA rotation array node field value
openvrml::mfstringA string array node field value
openvrml::mftimeA double array node field value
openvrml::mfvec2dA 2-component vector array node field value
openvrml::mfvec2fA 2-component vector array node field value
openvrml::mfvec3dA 3-component vector array node field value
openvrml::mfvec3fA 3-component vector array node field value
openvrml::navigation_info_nodeAbstract base class for normal nodes
openvrml::no_alternative_urlException thrown when no URI in an alternative URI list can be resolved
openvrml::nodeA node in the scene graph
openvrml::node_event_listenerBase class for event listeners of nodes
openvrml::node_field_value_listener< FieldValue >Base class for field_value_listeners that are members of nodes
openvrml::node_impl_util::abstract_node< Derived >Abstract base class for node implementations
openvrml::node_impl_util::abstract_node< Derived >::abstract_node::event_emitter< FieldValue >Concrete event emitter class template
openvrml::node_impl_util::abstract_node< Derived >::abstract_node::exposedfield< FieldValue >ExposedField implementation
openvrml::node_impl_util::abstract_node_typeAbstract base for openvrml::node_type subclasses
openvrml::node_impl_util::BindableNodeConcept< T >Concept checking class to validate that a template parameter is a model of the Bindable Node concept
openvrml::node_impl_util::bound_node_stack< BindableNode >A stack of bindable nodes
openvrml::node_impl_util::event_emitter_base< Node >Abstract base for event_emitter implementations
openvrml::node_impl_util::event_emitter_base< Node >::event_emitter_base::event_emitter_equal_toA model of Adaptable Predicate
openvrml::node_impl_util::event_listener_base< Node >Abstract base for event_listener implementations
openvrml::node_impl_util::event_listener_base< Node >::event_listener_base::event_listener_equal_toA model of Adaptable Predicate
openvrml::node_impl_util::node_type_impl< Node >A template for concrete node_types
openvrml::node_impl_util::node_type_impl< Node >::node_type_impl::event_emitter_ptr< EventEmitterMember >Concrete pointer-to-member wrapper
openvrml::node_impl_util::node_type_impl< Node >::node_type_impl::event_listener_ptr< EventListenerMember >Concrete pointer-to-member wrapper
openvrml::node_impl_util::node_type_impl< Node >::node_type_impl::field_ptr< FieldMember >Concrete pointer-to-member wrapper
openvrml::node_impl_util::ptr_to_polymorphic_mem< MemberBase, Object >Abstract base class for a pointer-to-polymorphic-member type
openvrml::node_impl_util::ptr_to_polymorphic_mem_impl< MemberBase, Member, Object >Concrete pointer-to-polymorphic-member type
openvrml::node_interfaceType information for an interface of a node
openvrml::node_interface_compareFunction object to compare two node_interfaces based on their id
openvrml::node_interface_matches_eventinDetermine if a node_interface matches an eventIn identifier
openvrml::node_interface_matches_eventoutDetermine if a node_interface matches an eventOut identifier
openvrml::node_interface_matches_exposedfieldDetermine if a node_interface matches an exposedField identifier
openvrml::node_interface_matches_fieldDetermine if a node_interface matches an field identifier
openvrml::node_metatypeA class object for node instances
openvrml::node_metatype_idIdentifier for node_metatypes
openvrml::node_metatype_registryRegistry for node_metatypes
openvrml::node_traverserTraverse the children of each node in a node hierarchy only once
openvrml::node_typeType information object for nodes
openvrml::normal_nodeAbstract base class for normal nodes
openvrml::null_node_metatypeA placeholder node_metatype
openvrml::null_node_typeA placeholder node_type
openvrml::null_vrml97_parse_actionsNo-op semantic actions for vrml97_grammar
openvrml::null_x3d_vrml_parse_actionsNo-op semantic actions for x3d_vrml_grammar
openvrml::pointing_device_sensor_nodeA node that can be affected by a pointing device
openvrml::quatfA POD-struct comprising a quaternion
openvrml::rendering_contextInformation needed during a render traversal
openvrml::resource_fetcherAn abstract factory for resource_istreams
openvrml::resource_istreamAn abstract input stream for network resources
openvrml::rotationA POD-struct comprising a rotation
openvrml::sceneA scene in the VRML world
openvrml::scopeThe scope class keeps track of defined nodes and prototypes
openvrml::scoped_light_nodeA light that falls within a specified area
openvrml::scriptAbstract class implemented by scripting language bindings
openvrml::script_factoryAn abstract factory for scripts
openvrml::script_factory_registryRegistry of script_factories
openvrml::script_nodeRepresents a VRML Script node
openvrml::script_node::script_node::eventoutAn event_emitter along with the emitted value
openvrml::script_node::script_node::metadata_changed_emittermetadata_changed event emitter
openvrml::script_node::script_node::script_node_typeType objects for script_nodes
openvrml::script_node::script_node::set_metadata_listenerset_metadata event listener
openvrml::script_node::script_node::set_url_listener_tset_url event listener
openvrml::script_node::script_node::url_changed_emitterurl_changed event emitter
openvrml::script_node_metatypeClass object for script_nodes
openvrml::sfboolA boolean node field value
openvrml::sfcolorA color node field value
openvrml::sfcolorrgbaA color_rgba node field value
openvrml::sfdoubleA single precision doubleing point node field value
openvrml::sffloatA single precision floating point node field value
openvrml::sfimageA pixmap
openvrml::sfint32A 32-bit integer node field value
openvrml::sfnodeA node field value to hold a single node reference
openvrml::sfrotationA rotation node field value
openvrml::sfstringA string node field value
openvrml::sftimeA double precision floating point node field value
openvrml::sfvec2dA 2-component vector node field value
openvrml::sfvec2fA 2-component vector node field value
openvrml::sfvec3dA 3-component vector node field value
openvrml::sfvec3fA 3-component vector node field value
openvrml::sound_source_nodeAbstract base class for sound source nodes
openvrml::stream_listenerAn interface to simplify asynchronously reading a resource_istream
openvrml::texture_coordinate_nodeAbstract base class for texture coordinate nodes
openvrml::texture_nodeAbstract base class for texture nodes
openvrml::texture_transform_nodeAbstract base class for texture transform nodes
openvrml::time_dependent_nodeAbstract base class for time-dependent nodes
openvrml::transform_nodeAbstract base class for transform nodes
openvrml::unreachable_urlThrown when a URI cannot be reached
openvrml::unsupported_interfaceException to indicate that a node interface is not supported
openvrml::vec2dTwo-component double-precision vector
openvrml::vec2d_parserThe implementation of the openvrml::vec2d_p functor parser
openvrml::vec2fA POD-struct comprising a two-component single-precision vector
openvrml::vec3dA POD-struct comprising a three-component double-precision vector
openvrml::vec3d_parserThe implementation of the openvrml::vec3d_p functor parser
openvrml::vec3fThree-component single-precision vector
openvrml::viewerMap the scene graph to the underlying graphics library
openvrml::viewer_in_useException thrown when attempting to associate a viewer with a browser when the viewer is already associated with a browser
openvrml::viewpoint_nodeAbstract base class for viewpoint nodes
openvrml::vrml97_grammar< Actions, ErrorHandler >A Spirit grammar for parsing VRML97
openvrml::vrml97_grammar< Actions, ErrorHandler >::vrml97_grammar::definition< ScannerT >VRML97 grammar definition
openvrml::vrml97_parse_error_handlerA Spirit error handler that emits error and warning messages to a std::ostream
openvrml::vrml97_skip_grammarA Spirit grammar appropriate for use as a skip parser for VRML97 and VRML-encoded X3D
openvrml::vrml97_skip_grammar::vrml97_skip_grammar::definition< ScannerT >vrml97_skip_grammar definition
openvrml::vrml97_space_parserA Spirit space parser appropriate for use with VRML97 and VRML-encoded X3D
openvrml::x3d_vrml_grammar< Actions, ErrorHandler >A Spirit grammar for parsing Classic VRML X3D
openvrml::x3d_vrml_grammar< Actions, ErrorHandler >::x3d_vrml_grammar::definition< ScannerT >Classic VRML X3D grammar definition
openvrml::x3d_vrml_parse_error_handlerA Spirit error handler that emits error and warning messages to a std::ostream